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2 yrs old


School Agers


This is an amazing time in your child’s life. Every day brings a new gift – a smile, a new word, a new tooth. At Key Concepts Kan Learning Center we attend to your infant’s every need and we listen carefully to you – the parent – so that your needs are met as well. We maintain a stimulating environment in the infant room, but there’s also quiet time and nap time. The schedule is determined by your child, not by us. Since an infant’s day is “on demand”, there’s no such thing as a typical day.

Our curriculum addresses an infant’s growth and development by creating strong bonds and learning through play. Understanding how young children learn is essential to providing an environment which supports an infant’s development.


Running. Dancing. Talking.

Suddenly, everything about your child’s life is changing. By acquiring mobility and speech, your little one experiences the world in a whole new way, making language and related milestones an important component of our young toddler program.

But language is only one aspect of a varied curriculum that promises to stimulate and nurture very young minds and bodies. Children ages 18 months to two years develop faster than almost any other age group. 


Learning to share, and the not so “terrible twos” are all a part of this wonderful but sometimes challenging period in your child’s life. By promoting independence and developing their emerging awareness of social behavior, we help your two year old discover life beyond their own little world. Although your child’s favorite word may be “No!” it will soon be replaced with “Why?” and lots of other new words as language develops during this critical year. Knowledge of two year olds developmental milestones is critical, so that activities can be geared to help your child meet them.


Our Pre-Kindergarten 3 & 4 Program participates in the Texas School Ready Project sponsored by The Children’s Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten must be age 3 or 4 on or before September 1st. The learning experiences of the preschool years provide a foundation that guides children academically, socially, and emotionally. Research confirms the value of early education for young children.

Key Concepts Kan Learning Center’s Pre-kindergarten program supports effective teaching practices and opportunities for child discovery through play.  These practices have been shown to lead to significant growth in children’s intellectual and social development, both of which are critical to their future academic success.

Our program provides a challenging but achievable curriculum called, Frog Street, which actively engages children in thinking, reasoning, and communicating with others. With teacher direction and guidance, children respond to the challenge and acquire important skills and concepts. These experiences can influence the rest of a child’s life. Children’s learning and intellectual growth are affected by the specific experiences (e.g., instruction, guidance) they have in a prekindergarten classroom. Informed efforts by families and teachers to build on children’s motivation to learn play a critically important role in providing children with the proper foundations for school success. The Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines offer detailed descriptions of expected behaviors across multiple skill domains that should be observed in 4‐to 5‐year‐old children by the end of their prekindergarten experience.

When graduation time comes, we think you’ll agree your child has a considerable advantage, coming from Key Concepts Kan Learning Center. 


Key Concepts Kan Learning Center provides a unique before- and after-school learning experience to keep your school-ager motivated and focused in a fun and stimulating environment, even after school ends.

Our before- and after-school program was developed to meet the growing educational needs of children. They get to spend time with friends and enjoy activities that are relevant to school-age interests. To make it easy for your family's schedule, we provide transportation to and from neighborhood schools. Our school-age program also aligns with school calendars to provide a fun-filled (and educational!) offering during holidays, teacher in-service days and other school breaks.


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